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Bitter and Blue
Moonlight flickered, sparkling through the panes of glass.  Softly illuminating the silhouette upon the bed.  Turned inward, one pillow under his head, the other vertical and a hand gently placed upon it, the otherwise smug and handsome Italian FBI Special Agent was rather docile and surprisingly uncharacteristic on this late evening.  Plaguing through the air of the luxury apartment was music, just above a whisper.
"I've got a query
So I'll riddle you
You and your theories,
Divine false and true
But what about
The gnawing doubt inside
Here's mud in your eye…"

What if.  
What if, instead of alone.  Instead of alone, Tony wasn't.  Instead of coated by these black silk sheets that draped his body just enough to cover him, but still allowed that icy errant chill to flow… there was an actual other body.  Warm.  Inviting.  Somehow he knew he could reach over and touch.  Insta
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Leather and Lace :iconmissminja:missminja 3 0
Poker Face
September 22, 2012.
I couldn’t be prouder…  Chloe thought, beaming with pride today.  Today, was indeed a very special day.  
Today finally marked the day Clark and Lois took the ultimate plunge together.  Their wedding… and consequently, the last marriage between their little grouping.  And isn’t it always the best saved for last?
Everyone who was in attendance was sporting their best suits and dresses, complete down to the very last tiny detail, the bridesmaids, in the honor of Lois’ passion, dressed in a bold red that matched somewhat to the bride’s own dress.  To be honest, her dress was reversed, white – with a red trim.  Chloe, of course, the maid of honor.  In the same respect, Jimmy was the best man.  
Following with that tradition, the groomsmen and bridesmaids were also close friends.  Lana and Jason, Oliver and Avis, etc.
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Boom Boom Pow
   The chaos now only rendered in his mind; what had transpired was only know to him and to Chloe.  Everyone else was like it never had happened.  Which in a way, the tall farmer boy concluded as he stood in the kitchen, putting the last of the dishes away, was exactly how it should have remained in the beginning.  Why he had decided to do it this way all along… was still unclear to him.  
   True.  He wanted to beat Linda Lake at her own game; but in the end she had still added her own little twist to it and it obviously had not been as smooth a ride as one would have wanted.
   But when was journalism ever anything smooth?
   Clark was disappointed in himself.  Leaning against the kitchen sink, staring out the darkened window at nothing.  What was I thinking?  His mind probed deeply.  I risked endangering everyone I know
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Fate Decided, Destiny Fixed
It had been three months. THREE. HARD. MONTHS.
Chloe had attempted to collect her life and move on, despite the fact of Clark disappearing and Lois missing. Jimmy dead. Some days were harder than others. Some days ached more that she wanted to admit. She was so angry at times it was actually beginning to scare her.
Clark, had all but disappeared from Smallville. His desk empty at the Daily Planet. Kent Farm had been abandoned… Chloe had gone there numerous times just to make sure. She had even gone to the Fortress of Solitude. Nothing. He was completely gone.
Oliver, Bart, Dinah… all gone into hiding, but with good reason. Still, Chloe wished there was someone that could be there for her. Anyone. Even Oliver at this point would do. Collapsing into tears, the blonde was beginning to realize just how truly alone she was now.
The wind rippled around Lois; a heavy storm pouring down on her. She glanced around, still slightly groggy from the manipulation through time. Tho
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A Clois Quickie :iconmissminja:missminja 5 0
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In the Grip of Poison :iconmissminja:missminja 3 0
Stronger When We're One
“Come on Chloe,”  Jimmy softly urged his wife; giving a gentle squeeze to her hand.  “just one more push.”
Chloe was currently lying on a hospital bed, in a delivery room.  She was there a week early, delivering the twins she had become pregnant with just shortly after they had returned from their honeymoon.  Their first child, born just a minute ago – a boy, Jonathan Clark Olsen – was already being tended to by the nurses.  
“That’s it Mrs. Olsen, this last push and you’ll be done.”  The doctor at her feet agreed.
Chloe was exhausted; sweat pouring over her face and body.  Another contraction was coming and it hurt like hell – she cried out and threw herself upward, pushing with all her might and gripping Jimmy’s hand so hard her knuckles turned white.  
When she finally collapsed against the pillow – hair soaked and splayed b
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Piece of Heaven :iconmissminja:missminja 4 1
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A Series of Events :iconmissminja:missminja 5 0
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I Am Complete :iconmissminja:missminja 3 0
Heart to Heart
Lana had been sitting at a table in The Talon; a cup of freshly made coffee before her.  She watched the steam rising from it, gathering her thoughts.  She had asked Clark to meet her for coffee here after work.  It would be on him this time.  And there was something that they needed to discuss.  
Idly, she twirled the spoon in her cup; watching as the cream swirled and blended.  It would be there that she’d hear footsteps and she will glance up just in time to spot Clark, still dressed from work, walk in and offer a smile in greeting.  
Lana stood up, went around the bar before he reached her.  “The usual?”
Clark paused; peeling off that business jacket, draping it over the chair parallel to hers.  “Sure.”
Lana easily made his coffee just the way he liked it and handed it over.  He flipped open his wallet and offered some money in return, which she of cours
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When One Door Opens
"I should have known."  Lois muttered to herself as she stepped back onto familiar territory.  Daily Planet.  She was back from nursing her cousin back to health; having been replaced by his doting wife.  Outside, looked like nothing had changed; inside however -- was turmoil.  "should have known."
A conglomerate of emotions.  Self-hatred, loathing, anger, envy... anything and everything.
Lois had wished she had just snagged Clark at the reception and taken the plunge.
As the elevator dinged, golden doors sliding open -- she took a glance around at the silent floor she called home for eight hours of the day.  And there, sitting at his desk, was Clark.  Turning to glance to her, he'll smile.  That beautiful, white-toothed smile that brandished inner warmth and gladness.
And why shouldn't he be glad?  Her mind threw out.  He's got Lana back.  
Lois gave he
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Frantic Farmer Boy :iconmissminja:missminja 4 0
Keeps Gettin' Better
Another day, another dollar.
Lois let out a long, collective sigh as she sat -- lonesome -- at her side of the two desk station within the Daily Planet.  Clark had disappeared to gather some food for them; as they both had a rather big list of assignments they were attacking with fevor due to the mounting tension between them.  Pen between her index and middle, she was rapping it rather aggressively against the desk below.  Clearly, she was bored.
The screen before her glowed mutely in its brightness.  Moving one hand for the mouse, she opened up her music folder.  Truthfully, she wasn't really allowed to have music on the company computers and she was quite sure that Mercer would have her head.  But late nights like this, it helped her move past those periods of "stuck and suck".  Scrolling through a rather spanning list of songs, she double-clicked on the one she was feeling for.  Christina Aguilera's "Ke
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Til Death Do Us Part
A statuesque figure At 5'10" dressed in all black - stood silently facing a single grave in Buners Memory Gardens Mortuary & Cemetery. What once had been twinkling blue eyes that generated so much warmth and wisdom, today were dull and blank. In his hands, a single bouquet of black lilies. The dark gray headstone had two perched silver angels on either side. The words, the very words running through his mind. He didn't know how to explain it at all. Months had passed since it happened, she had only been seventy-five. Tonight the sounds of laughter filled the air, children running past in costumes for All Hallow's Eve. Tonight, he was mute to the world. Lost in his own memories.
Lost in his own pain. His own grief. So many had been there for him... but none of it mattered, the sickness in his heart compounded everything else and turned it all to ash.
Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.
Stepping forward, he crouched in silence to place the flowers before the headstone. As he returned to h
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New story!  NCIS "Tate"; Tony and Kate.  :3  Enjoy~

Bitter and Blue.
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